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Answers to some of the more curious questions you have about pregnancy and birth.

This archive is the culmination of my decade-long love with pregnancy and birth. I remember picking up a pregnancy book at the library years ago and immediately discovering a passion for this season of life. Since that time, I've devoured anything and everything on the topic. I want to share some of the more unique things I've learned over the years, in addition to my personal experience. I hope you find this to be helpful and encouraging. ~ Hannah XO

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    1. The Complete Guide to Navigating Pregnancy with an Autoimmune Disease

    2. Everything You Need to Know About Pregnancy Weight Gain & Bump Size

    3. 11 Tips for a Fast Labor

    4. 7 Ways to Set Yourself Up for Breastfeeding Success While Pregnant

    5. Coping Mechanisms Quick Guide

    1. The Prenatal Movement Routine that Allowed Me to Labor Less Than 6 Hours Both Times (Spoilers: It wasn't just exercise!)

    2. 4 Things I'm Doing Differently In My Second Pregnancy + 3 Things That Are Staying the Same

    3. Henry's Homebirth Story

    4. William's Fast Homebirth Story

    1. The New Mom's Guide to Postpartum Weight Loss

    2. Postpartum Essentials for the Natural Mama

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Meet Hannah

Integrative Nutrition Health Coach & Certified Lactation Counselor Hannah Bowers

Hannah Bowers is an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, Certified Lactation Counselor, host of the Baby Dust Fertility Podcast, and writer who is passionate about supporting women from preconception and infertility through postpartum.